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Step-children and new complexity

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

So often these days new families are created from the children of previous relationships. This gives everyone a headache when it comes to thinking about Wills. How do I treat my children, how do I treat my step-children?

How do I treat my new partner, to ensure they are not left “high and dry”?

Can my ex-partner claim on my estate?

No matter how many discussions (sometimes arguments!) that you have with each other it never seems to be quite the right thing to do.

UNTIL you talk to a professional will writer…

“Gosh, I never knew there was a solution to this”, “I have done nothing because I couldn’t see a way ahead”, are typical reactions.

If you are in this situation, I would urge you to start talking to us at an early stage so you can know what is possible to protect your loved ones. Then you can move to actually getting new Wills in place and relax, knowing that you have addressed another difficult issue.

By don-reevely | October 7th, 2020 | News

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